Sigil to protect the punks in the park

26 Aug

Today I went for a walk inside my I want to meet interesting people sigil. I met up with my friend Sinead O’Donnell, who I hadn’t seen in ages. Sinead and I went for coffee in a little place called Queens on botanic. It was really nice. There were two eastern European woman working behind the counter who seemed to fine everything I said funny, which put a smile on my face, as it seemed I could do no wrong.
Sinead and I must have spent about three hours sitting in their chatting and drinking coffee. Afterward, we went to the crescent park just around the corner. When we got there I got out my notebook, a piece of chalk, my wizards hat and a sparkler. From my notebook I retrieved the design of a sigil I had recently made. The purpose of the sigil is to protect the punks who hang out in the park. I like the punks, so that was my motivation. I put on my wizards hat, then I drew the sigil on the ground. I stood over it with my sparkler outstretched in my left hand. I lit the sparkler and then held my right hand out over the sigil. I was passing the charge of the fire, earth air energy exchange, which was going on as the sparkler burnt, down through my left arm and out of my right down into the sigil.
As above so below.
I left the sigil on the ground, when it rain’s the rainwater will wash away the sigil and complete the magick. It will then become active.
Sinead took a few photographs of what I was doing, I’ve attached them to this entry for anyone who is interested.

me drawing sigil in the park

Sigil I drew in the park. When it rains the spell will be completed and it will be activated

Sigil I drew in the park. When it rains the spell will be completed and it will be activated


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