Remote Viewing: Writers Square

12 Oct

I used to have a bit of a knack for this when I was a teenager, but I hadn’t tried it for along time before last night. My aim was simple I wanted to project myself into Writers square outside St Ann’s cathedral in town. My main reason for choosing this location was because it is visually simplistic and therefore not too hard to visualise. The technique I use for remote viewing is something I developed over a period of time when I was in my teens. It goes like this:
The first stage is to make yourself comfortable, empty your bowels etc. Then find somewhere quiet to lie down. Next, put yourself in a trance. There are many ways of doing this depending on how deep a trance you require.
A very quick way of doing this for a mild trance is tense every muscle in your body and hold your breath. Count to 60 in your head and totally relax while exhaling all the air in your lungs. A much longer process that results in a much deeper trance is focusing your concentration upon the area around your eyes. Feel this as a warm sensation and then feel every muscle around this area relax. Then move this warm sensation around your body relaxing small areas at a time. This is a long process but results in a deep trance.
Once in a trance visualise the place you wish to project yourself. If you have never been there it is helpful to look at a map before entering a trance so as to get a good idea of the layout of where it is you intend to go. If you have been there before then imagine yourself in a specific position within the environment. Imagine how the environment looks, not from above but from your own eyes as if you were standing there. Fix your gaze on a particular object within the environment and let the background information slowly settle into view.
As you reach a settled fixed view start to imagine the feeling of the wind on your face in the environment and the temperature of the place. Is easiest to develop this feeling by starting with the face and then moving to the hand and then the rest of the body. While doing this keep your gazed fixed on the original view you began with.
When you get the sensation of the physicality of the environment. The next thing to do is to try to feel the weight of your body in the environment. Although you are not physically in the place, if you want to move around in the environment then you need to be able to have a sense of a body you can move around in. I always concentrate on weight because I find it’s a helpful way of doing this. When you get a full sense of your weight in the place then you should be able to begin to release your gaze from the fixed point and begin to move around more freely in the environment.
Have a go yourself. I used it last night to see Writers square. I didn’t see anything very interesting, but it was an enjoyable experience. For all the cynics out there I just want to say I am as cynical as you are about these things. I don’t if what I am doing is really projecting me into other places or if I am simply bringing on a really lucid visualisation. Either way it doesn’t matter. It’s amazing what you can do with you mind if you simply take the time to do it.


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