Samhain Ritual

12 Dec

Like any Wizard I decided to celebrate Samhain with a bit of ritual magick. My girlfriend was going out for the evening with some of her friends so I decided, since I couldn’t be bothered with the endless fights to get to the bar, that I would stay in, rap some presents and generally get up to a bit of hocus-pocus.
So, after she’d left, the first thing I did was get dressed up in my Santa suit and invoke the spirit of old father time. Then I lit some candles and began wrapping Christmas presents for everyone. With every present I wrapped I also did a spell for the person getting the gift as a kind of invisible present contained in the wrapping. The idea being that when people opened the wrapping they would activate the spell. The spells were simple things for luck and success for the recipients of the gifts.
After I was finished doing this I then prepared to cast a few sigils for people who had requested or expressed a desire for something specific to me. To do this I got some tea light candles and used a cocktail stick to draw an individual sigil on each one. I then lit these and placed them in the fireplace along with all the other candles. One of the sigils was for a girl named lola who had emailed me on myspace asking me to make a spell for her so as to bring love into her life in the future. Finally, to finish everythign off, I performed a Tarot reading for myself for the coming year.
After I was finished my magickal shazzamings i thanked father time and then let leave me. I was in jolly spirits so I kept the Santa suit on, poured myself a glass of Baileys and had a bit of a dance round the house to some bad christmas songs until my good lady returned home.
Ho ho ho!


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