International remote viewing experiment

10 Jan

Earlier this week I had a specially designed box somewhere in Belfast. Inside the box was a very particular object. Today I posted a series of letters to people all over the world inviting them to use psychic abilities to discern as of the following information about the box as they can:
1. Its location
2. It’s contents
3. What it looks like

The letters were sent to the following people:
1. Al ‘Blaster’ Akerman (USA)
2. Olchar Lindsman (USA)
3. Jubal and Matt Brown (Canada)
4. Vittore Baroni (Italy)
5. Vassya Vassileva (Bulgaria)
6. Artpool (Hungary)
7. clement Padin (Urugay)
8. dr Marcelo Lima (UAE)
9. Loyd Dunn (Czech Republic)
10. Martin Zet (Czech Republic)
11. Georg Ladanyi (Germany)
12. Boris Nieslony (Germany)
13. Derek Holzer (Germany)
14. Roddy and Judit Hunter (England)
15. Hugh O’Donnell (Northern Ireland)
16. Peter Richards (Northern Ireland)
17. Andre Stitt (Wales)
18. Stewart Home (England)
19. The Man from Icon (England)
20. Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell (Northern Ireland)
21. Jane Horton (England)

Now I’m gonna sit back and see what happens. It should be interesting to say the least.


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