Astral projection

9 Jan

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to try out some astral projection. Normally when I try projection I aim to go somewhere I know, but this time I decided that I wanted to simply try to project onto the astral realm to meet with beings who were from there.

I used a deep relaxation self-hypnosis technique to get me into a suitable enough conscious state to try to project. Years ago when I first started to experiment with Astral projection, i used to always stumble with the idea of getting out of my body. Now I think about things in a very different way and its much easier. Now I don’t think about getting out of the body at all, I think about moving my consciousness around within the larger fabric of reality, of which I am a constituent part. The rationale is something like this:  I am not in the universe, I am ‘of’ it. As such the same stuff that makes me up makes up stuff elsewhere, in fact everything is all the same stuff, its just my consciousness is located in a specific place within the fabric of reality.  When I want to project what I do is plug into this way of understanding the world. Therefore projecting is not so much about moving, it’s more about becoming conscious elsewhere.  It’s a bit like how electricity will travel through water. By this I mean that the source of the spark may be located in one place, but the electricity will flow everywhere.


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