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other psyhonauts in Belfast?

25 Jul

I was just wondering the other day if there were other people interested in this stuff in Northern Ireland. I know od a Druid. I have a friend who is in the OTO, but he’s moved abroad. But that’s about all I know. I think I taught a witch once, but I don’t know what she was into though. I think she put a spell on one of her essays in the hope it’d get her a better mark. It turned out she failed that particular one. But I did really want her to pass. hmmm…

If there’s more of you out there let me know. I’d be interested in finding out what goes on under my nose and under the radar.

Meeting Derek Acorah!

2 Apr

Yesterday I went to see Derek Acorah deliver his psychic messages from beyond the grave at the Water front Hall in Belfast. Sadly Derek had no messages for me, but his show was fantastic in many ways. I had know idea he was so funny in real life. Anyway, here’s a photograph of me and Derek. Sadly Sam wouldn’t pose for a pick with us.

Me and Derek Acorah

Me and Derek Acorah

Making More ghosts

4 Feb

Since my first experiment with making ghosts I have been spending time reflecting on the process. I think my first attempt was interesting, but I have devised another means that it may be possible to make a ghost, although this approach will take a much longer period of time.

I have been thinking about the fact that some people believe that stones can record the psychic vibrations of people and events. This is why ghost sightings are often reported after renovations have been performed on a house. I have decided that for an undisclosed period of time I will use the same routes between different parts of Belfast and try and record my image and movement into the brickwork and fabric of the city. By repeating the routes and wearing the same clothes I will hopefully be able to record myself into the stonework of the city. I will perform this, concentrating on the old area of the city centre around high St and corn market. SO, if in the future you see a man in a hat in and three-quarter length coat you might want to look twice and check it’s not the ghost I’ve been making.

Dowsing for leylines

29 Jan

I’ve begun working on finding Leylines in Northern Ireland. I’ve been doing some basic research and found that there are at least a few mother lines in the south. I’m wondering if their are any in the North? Only time and research will tell me.

Anyway, to get me in the mood I went for a dowsing session in town. I first used a map of the city centre and did some dowsing over it with a pendulum to see if I could work out the general areas that would be best to go looking in. I then went into town with my L rods and started doing some on the ground work. I went in quite early in the morning so that only street cleaners would give me funny looks. Here I was really just looking for any signs of any small lines of power at work in the city centre.

As expected I got some quite strange responses while dowsing near the two major Masonic Halls in the city Centre. I also got some strange swinging action near the city hall and the Linen Hall Library. Some of these might be expected. but what wasn’t expected was the way in which the Night and Day hotel and a few other travel lodge style places sent my rods jerking wild. Weird eh? If anyone has got any ideas why this might be, please share the knowledge.

ley lines and hidden messages

17 Dec

Last Night I was talking to a mate of mine who lives in Plymouth. He is also a Wizard. We were talking over many things and just generally catching up. He was telling me about his band. He hides secret codes in the structures of the music so that the audience at their gigs absorb his messages unconsciously. I really liked this idea. I might try it with speech patterns as a means of casting covert spells.

One thing that cropped up in our conversation was the fact that although I can find several maps detailing ley lines in Great Britain, I can find no such maps detailing them in Ireland. I think in the new year I am going to begin to trace out these lines of power in Belfast’s city centre. I’m also going to try to find a mother line: a massive ley line that smaller ones often come off, such as the St. Michael line in the south west of England. If anyone has any information that can help me in this search please reply!

seeing things

15 Dec

last night as I was drifting off I noticed a weird haze in my bedroom. At first I thought it looked like steam, but I knew it couldn’t be. Then the steam seemed to slowly drift down and form a weird shadow on the wall. This really freaked me out, but I told myself I was probably seeing things as I was tired. I checked myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. then I looked back at where the thing was and it was still there. It looked like the shadow of an angel, it was tall and had big wings and I could feel a very powerful presence in the room. I was pretty freaked. There were other shadows moving around now too, but much smaller than the angel. One of them came towards me and the angel shadow seemed to move very fast and, for want of a better description, knocked the shadow that was coming for me out of existence. This totally freaked me out. I watched the angle shadow turn back into steam again and then disappear.

I still don’t know what to make of this experience, but I can say that I had a dream about a year ago where I was visited by an angel. I also found this dream a bit weird as I’ve never had any kind of personal identification with angel symbology. The dream I had about the angel wasn’t particularly pleasent. It had come to show me something personal and give me a warning. I think I’m going to have to do some research about angels to try to figure out whats going on.

11 Dec

MAGICK AND CHRISTMAS mix in a funny way. One of the best things I’ve found about being a magician at Christmas is casting spells using sigils so that the Christmas presents you’re tyring to buy are in the shops when you head out to get them. Just the other day I was going to town to get some stuff for my girlfriend. She wanted this outfit that was in one of the stores on town. she was worried that they wouldn’t have any left but low and behold I cast a sigil and when I went their they had a whole load of them. one present down, a few more to go!

trying to make a ghost

7 Nov

The weather conditions were actually quite good as myself and an interested friend set out to try to make a ghost. The first thing we did was to soak the psychic battery I’d made in the Lagan river and invoke the moon god deity I have chosen to ask to charge it. Next we went to the area on the Stranmillis roundabout where I wanted to make the ghost appear. I did some dowsing with copper rods till I found the right spot. Then I drilled a small whole and inserted the psychic battery. I filled the top of the whole with poly-filler so that no one would know where it was.

After this I did some more dowsing, this time to discover the best path to draw the energy along, where I want to ghost to appear. When I established this I put away the dowsing rods and began to enact a small ritual. First I performed the minor pentagram banishing ritual so as to banish any other influences that were at work. Then, once the circle was cast I began to build up an intense psychic energy by concentrating on something that happened me in the past (I don’t want to discuss what exactly it was). I then took this energy and began to let myself get absorbed in how it made me feel so that the feeling would intensify. When the feeling became unbearable I released with a spasm of my body and a shout which ended with the exhalation of the all the air from my body. I nearly fainted.

If you see a man in a three quarter length coat and a hat walking near the Stranmillis round about in Belfast then you may just have seen the ghost I created. Let me know if you spot it.

Creating Ghosts

5 Nov

Creating ghosts

For a long time now I have toyed with the idea of creating ghosts. This may seem like a bit of a strange idea, but I believe that it might actually be quite straightforward. My theory for creating ghosts is based upon a common hypothesis that a ghost is basically a psychic indent on the fabric of space-time. Therefore, ghosts are created when something causes an individual to release a massive burst of psychic energy in a specific place. In doing this the individual leaves an image of themselves in the fabric of space-time in much the same way that putting pressure with your hand on a block of clay will leave a hand print.
While the release of such psychic bursts are usually accidental i.e. caused by some kind of dreadful accident, I am curious if it is possible to create such an indent using magick. For magick also involves the release of great psychic bursts in order to realise the True Will. Could a well calculated and aimed act of magick produce a ghost? It is my intention to find this out.
I am drawn to the roundabout at the top of the Stranmillis road (Belfast, Northern Ireland) near the teacher training college as the first place in which to attempt to create a ghost. I have been doing some research on this area and it seems like an ideal location for such an experiment.
I plan to attempt the creation of the ghost at the next full moon, which is Thursday 13th November 2008. My intention is to use the power of the full moon as a kind of psychic battery to power the ghost after I have left the indent. Therefore the ghost should appear at the site during each new full moon. I am also hoping the flow of the near by river Lagan will lend some psychic charge to the indent once it is made.
In making the indent I am going to have to rely on an intense state of gnosis, coupled with some kind of small, but pointed ritual action. I will make more postings on this subject as this project unfolds.

In closing I just want to take the time to point out to the worried reader that there is a difference in a ghost and spirit. A spirit is an entity unto itself. A ghost is just a trace in the space-time fabric.  Therefore I am not attempting to summon any kind of spirit in order to realise this experiment, so there is no need for the general public to be fearful of me unleashing demons on the Stranmillis roundabout.

Comments on this project are more than welcome.

Keep an eye as it unfolds!

Comment on Tarot reading for April

25 Apr

My Card for April was the Hermit. To recal my original reading of it:

An Interesting card to appear here. April is the month of my Birthday, and often I get very contemplative and introspective around this time. That’s not be confused with feeling morbid, but rather I always take some time to take stock of myself and what I’ve done since my last birthday. I don’t really do big birthday parties anymore. Last year I went to an Island with my girlfriend and watched sea lions do yoga on a beach. So, the idea of hearing an ‘inner call’, which is often associated with the hermit is pretty apt in this month.

Basically I spent the whole of this month with a broken leg, so I was literraly a hermit, sitting on my arse all the time on my own at home thinking a lot about different things in my life…