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Sigil to meet interesting people: Bill Bailey!!

2 Nov

Today while wandering down botanic avenue with my girlfriend, who do you think we spotted? None other than Comedian extraordinaire Bill Bailey standing outside the Empire bar!!
I said to Meabh “we have to go over and say hello”, because we both love his comedy so much. But Meabh wouldn’t do it she was too star struck. She nearly got knocked down by a car she was so star struck, so I thought the best thing to do was take her away and come back when she was a bit composed. So we went to the War on Want bookshop, which seemed to have lost all it’s normal excitement in the wake of having just spotted Bill Bailey. We walked back up the street towards the Empire. But Bill was gone. I was gutted.
It was only then that I realised we were standing almost in the middle of the sigil I had cast some months earlier: The sigil to meet interesting people. The sigil had apparently worked but I had been too slow to react to the situation. Damn!
Now the only hope of the sigil working is if I hang around the Empire bar long enough I might run into Duke Special.