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more on Ghosts in the post

9 Jun

As some of you may know, I sent a friend of mine a ghost in the post. I recently met him and we were talking about possible reasons why it mightn’t have worked. What anyone who reads this regularly will know is that I sent my friend two statues, one with a ghost, the other a placebo. It turns out that my friend had thought the placebo one was the ghost. But the even more weird thing is that my friend has been hearing weird noises coming from the room in which he placed the other statue (the one I actually put theĀ  the ghost in). So it seems the experiment was not as much of a failure as I first thought!


Yet more on making ghosts

1 May

I recently spoke with my friend that I sent the ghost in the post to. He told me that it didn’t seem to work. I was suprised by this, but then he told me that a priest had blessed the house about a week before the ghost had arrived. So I’m guessing this has done somethign to the energy I sent. I’m gonna have to make a new one and send it again. DAMN!

More on making ghosts

20 Mar

For the past few months I’ve been trying to work out how to put ghosts into objects. Perhaps in a similar way that stone’s are said to absorb and emit morphic resonance. After much trial and error, I think I finally managed to crack it. The object I put the ghost into is a statue I bought in a charity shop. It’s perhaps work saying that what I made isn’t so much a ghost in the sense of a spirit. Moreover, it’s a kind of psychic thought form programmed to do a number of simple things. Essentially, by my reckoning anway, a ghost is simply a psychic imprint in the time-space fabric. What I’ve done is make an imprint and attach it into the statue I chose.

To test of my ghost works I’ve posted it to a friend of mine. Along with the statue with the ghost in it I also sent another statue that has no vibrations attached to it. My friend will then place each statue in a different environment and we will see if the ghost works, by seeing which one he believes is the one I have put the ghost in. Magick!

Making More ghosts

4 Feb

Since my first experiment with making ghosts I have been spending time reflecting on the process. I think my first attempt was interesting, but I have devised another means that it may be possible to make a ghost, although this approach will take a much longer period of time.

I have been thinking about the fact that some people believe that stones can record the psychic vibrations of people and events. This is why ghost sightings are often reported after renovations have been performed on a house. I have decided that for an undisclosed period of time I will use the same routes between different parts of Belfast and try and record my image and movement into the brickwork and fabric of the city. By repeating the routes and wearing the same clothes I will hopefully be able to record myself into the stonework of the city. I will perform this, concentrating on the old area of the city centre around high St and corn market. SO, if in the future you see a man in a hat in and three-quarter length coat you might want to look twice and check it’s not the ghost I’ve been making.

trying to make a ghost

7 Nov

The weather conditions were actually quite good as myself and an interested friend set out to try to make a ghost. The first thing we did was to soak the psychic battery I’d made in the Lagan river and invoke the moon god deity I have chosen to ask to charge it. Next we went to the area on the Stranmillis roundabout where I wanted to make the ghost appear. I did some dowsing with copper rods till I found the right spot. Then I drilled a small whole and inserted the psychic battery. I filled the top of the whole with poly-filler so that no one would know where it was.

After this I did some more dowsing, this time to discover the best path to draw the energy along, where I want to ghost to appear. When I established this I put away the dowsing rods and began to enact a small ritual. First I performed the minor pentagram banishing ritual so as to banish any other influences that were at work. Then, once the circle was cast I began to build up an intense psychic energy by concentrating on something that happened me in the past (I don’t want to discuss what exactly it was). I then took this energy and began to let myself get absorbed in how it made me feel so that the feeling would intensify. When the feeling became unbearable I released with a spasm of my body and a shout which ended with the exhalation of the all the air from my body. I nearly fainted.

If you see a man in a three quarter length coat and a hat walking near the Stranmillis round about in Belfast then you may just have seen the ghost I created. Let me know if you spot it.