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Servitor Circuit

18 Feb

Recently I’ve been getting pissed off at some peoples attitude towards my practice. It seems they really can’t get beyond my sense of humour. To counter these problems I’ve decided to create a Servitor. To do this I have employed a technique described in Phil Hine’s Condensed Chaos (a very good book).
I’m going to describe my process although I’m going to leave out some details as I don’t want to describe exactly what the servitor does.
To begin with I created a sigil encapsulating my primary desire. I then created two other sigils. The first of these encapsulated a secondary related desire and the second encapsulated something I knew I needed to happen for the first two sigils to work. I then spent some time considering how these things could be wired together. I was literally using the form of an electrical circuit.
After working out the final form the Servitor Circuit would take, I cast it using a small ritual invoking the toilet god. I like using toilet magick because I like the way it poetically relates the physical realities of the body to the poetry of the water cycle. Also I like the idea that it’s possible to charge and cast a servitor by imbuing every molecule of your urine with it’s circuitry form and then pissing it out into the world where it will multiply through the water system to fulfil my magickal will.
I’ve scanned the circuit and attached it to this entry.

note book drawing of servitor circuit

note book drawing of servitor circuit