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other psyhonauts in Belfast?

25 Jul

I was just wondering the other day if there were other people interested in this stuff in Northern Ireland. I know od a Druid. I have a friend who is in the OTO, but he’s moved abroad. But that’s about all I know. I think I taught a witch once, but I don’t know what she was into though. I think she put a spell on one of her essays in the hope it’d get her a better mark. It turned out she failed that particular one. But I did really want her to pass. hmmm…

If there’s more of you out there let me know. I’d be interested in finding out what goes on under my nose and under the radar.


Dowsing for leylines

29 Jan

I’ve begun working on finding Leylines in Northern Ireland. I’ve been doing some basic research and found that there are at least a few mother lines in the south. I’m wondering if their are any in the North? Only time and research will tell me.

Anyway, to get me in the mood I went for a dowsing session in town. I first used a map of the city centre and did some dowsing over it with a pendulum to see if I could work out the general areas that would be best to go looking in. I then went into town with my L rods and started doing some on the ground work. I went in quite early in the morning so that only street cleaners would give me funny looks. Here I was really just looking for any signs of any small lines of power at work in the city centre.

As expected I got some quite strange responses while dowsing near the two major Masonic Halls in the city Centre. I also got some strange swinging action near the city hall and the Linen Hall Library. Some of these might be expected. but what wasn’t expected was the way in which the Night and Day hotel and a few other travel lodge style places sent my rods jerking wild. Weird eh? If anyone has got any ideas why this might be, please share the knowledge.

Winter Solstice 2008

23 Dec

I finally got home last night after being away celebrating the Winter Solstice with a fewelect friends in the Mountains high above Glen Cloy, on the east coast of Northern Ireland. We had went on the 20th to set up camp inorder to be ready to celebrate this sun festival on the 21st. As we were high up in the Glen’s there wasn’t another human being for miles, so we were free to do pretty much what we wanted.We spent the day of the 21st gathering stones and building a semi-permanent magick circle. We marked the cardinal points of the circle with medium sized stones, which we stood upright on their ends. Once the circle was complete we lit a fire and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Normally we would drink when we were up in the glens, but given the significance of the following day, we all wanted to have a clear head for the morning.The ritual the following day was interesting since all of us are on quite different magickal paths.

The solstice took place early at 12:04 (GMT). To cut a long story short, Our ritual began about an hour before with some light meditation, with all of us projecting our energies into the stone circle to empower and charge it. We called in the cardinal points and evoked the elements and their elemental forms. We then invoked the male god power (The Lord), the ruler of the dark part of the year. We burned pine incense and my witch friend delivered a Wiccan incantation. This is not something I’m normally into, but in this particular situation in the wilds of the Glen’s, it somehow seemed appropriate. It ended with the evocation of the female power, the Goddess  (The Lady) and a few other small ritual actions. After the celebratory parts of the ritual we then set about casting a number of spells for personal and communal growth. Afterwards there was much drinking, eating, laughter and music. I enjoyed my time high up in the glens.

Anglo-Freemasons Conspiricy

24 Oct

Not so long ago I received a communication from a cosmos wizard while in Dublin. I later realised that the reason I had went to Dublin in the first place was to receive this communication.
I had spent the day wandering around Dublin, looking in old bookshops and generally getting lost on purpose. I was enjoying myself. But I realised that it wasn’t long before I had to catch my train home. I decided, for some unknown reason to take a walk past the GPO and it was there I saw him holding his sign. I went and said hello to him and he said hello back, I knew to look at him he was a cosmos wizard. I wondered if he could recognise my colours? I asked him If I could take a picture, he said it was fine. I wanted other people to see his sign. It read:

Ballot Box Fraud
Next Anti-Irish

Government has
Already been formed
By Anglo-Freemasons

Check out the attached picture if you don’t believe me

Dublin Chaos Wizard, outside the GPO

Dublin Chaos Wizard, outside the GPO

Magickal Lull

22 Sep

What a busy few weeks it’s been. SO busy I haven’t managed to do much magick.
This is about to change in the coming week’s however. for while I haven’t been working on Magick, I have been working away in my garage on something magickal, which will reveal itself soon in a short public event.
stay tuned!