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More on making ghosts

20 Mar

For the past few months I’ve been trying to work out how to put ghosts into objects. Perhaps in a similar way that stone’s are said to absorb and emit morphic resonance. After much trial and error, I think I finally managed to crack it. The object I put the ghost into is a statue I bought in a charity shop. It’s perhaps work saying that what I made isn’t so much a ghost in the sense of a spirit. Moreover, it’s a kind of psychic thought form programmed to do a number of simple things. Essentially, by my reckoning anway, a ghost is simply a psychic imprint in the time-space fabric. What I’ve done is make an imprint and attach it into the statue I chose.

To test of my ghost works I’ve posted it to a friend of mine. Along with the statue with the ghost in it I also sent another statue that has no vibrations attached to it. My friend will then place each statue in a different environment and we will see if the ghost works, by seeing which one he believes is the one I have put the ghost in. Magick!


clairvoyance with Guess who

8 Mar

Last night was my partners birthday. One of her friends bought her the game of ‘Guess Who’. We played it in teams in the pub for a bit of fun. As we played one of my team mates suggested that as I’m a Magus I should try and use a bit of clairvoyance to see if I could guess the other teams character early in the game. We tired it twice and each time it worked!

what was even more surprising was that when my partners mother called around the morning after with birthday gifts it seems my psychic abilities had not worn off. One of the presents she was given was very obscure. As she opened it trying to guess what it was I laughing joked that it was a shrunken voodoo head. when she finally got it out of the little bag it was in actuality a little model of a severed head from some horror film! I laughed. I couldn’t beleive I’d got this so spot on!

Strange stuff indeed.

Develop psychic powers exercise

28 Feb

A friend who is a practising psychic was visiting the other day from America. She shared with me an exercise for developing psychic powers. I thought I share it here in case anyone was interested. To do this psychic training exercise you will need a partner. Lets call the people involved A and B.

A thinks of a question in their head. They DO NOT share this question with B.
B relaxes and begins to describe images sensations etc that are emerging in their mind. It is really important that B does not dismiss any information that appears in their mind, even if they think it is absurd, silly or completely out of context. It is also important that B is entirely truthful and does not try to force themselves to have some kind of profound insight. the best results come with honesty.
A considers the information given by B in relation to their question.
A shares the question with B and they both discuss the information together.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I had a great time getting some suprising results with this one.If you’ve got any exercises of your own please share them!

Making More ghosts

4 Feb

Since my first experiment with making ghosts I have been spending time reflecting on the process. I think my first attempt was interesting, but I have devised another means that it may be possible to make a ghost, although this approach will take a much longer period of time.

I have been thinking about the fact that some people believe that stones can record the psychic vibrations of people and events. This is why ghost sightings are often reported after renovations have been performed on a house. I have decided that for an undisclosed period of time I will use the same routes between different parts of Belfast and try and record my image and movement into the brickwork and fabric of the city. By repeating the routes and wearing the same clothes I will hopefully be able to record myself into the stonework of the city. I will perform this, concentrating on the old area of the city centre around high St and corn market. SO, if in the future you see a man in a hat in and three-quarter length coat you might want to look twice and check it’s not the ghost I’ve been making.


1 Feb

Tomorrow is Imbolc. I am quite excited about this as I am feeling very tired from the winter. Tomorrow I shall be watching for Omens, celebrating the hearth and home and hoping it’s a pisser of a day with regard the weather. You know the old saying that if the weather is bad then the Cailleach is asleep and therefore the Winter is almost over. But if the weather is good then she has made it so, as she is out gathering firewood to last her out the rest of it. So Lets hope for Rain Tomorrow!

Some people don’t celebrate Imbolc till they feel the first turn of spring, or else the first new moon, which is this coming weekend, but given it has to do with the coming of spring and the summer, I am following the solar calender on this one.

Sigil working

12 Jan

After my last post I have spent some time thinking. I decided that I will go ahead with the work at hand. The best way to approach this work, for me, was to create a series of sigils. I then mapped these sigils onto the specific area of Belfast where I felt they needed to be cast. I did this because I wanted to clearly visualise them in my head, as they make up nodes in one larger sigil that I am casting over all parties concerned. I then went to each physical location and cast each sigil. I drew each sigil in each location in chalk, and when the rain washes them away they will be activated.

In saying all of this I want to make quite clear, because I haven’t stated it in a while, that my experiments with Magick are purely that: experiments. I don’t believe in magick. Rather, Like a lapsed catholic, I continue to practice regardless of belief!

Lets see how it develops…

When is a curse not a curse?

9 Jan

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine who informed me of somethings I found really shocking. I can’t go into deep detail on the web, but the situation boils down to some people being involved in some pretty malicious behaviour towards a member of my family.

I know where this maliciousness stems from and I know that its unwarrented. Not only this, but where it stems from is an event that happened over 4 years ago, and my family member was scapegoated for some things that weren’t there fault. Being a good sort, they decided to just let the whole thing blow over. Yet it seems that it didn’t and now it’s doing their career serious damage and they don’t even know it’s going on, least not yet.

I want to get these bastards back for what they’re doing, enough is enough. I wanna curse them. But then I was thinking, is it a curse if all I do is redirect their bad energy back towards them? In this way all I’m doing is redirecting the bad energy they’re putting out to my family member back towards them. Would this be a curse and would I reap the bad luck for doing it? OR, because no other means is open to me and I’m only acting out of a sense of fairness, would I avoid the bad luck? Is what I’m proposing doing actually a curse? Hexing the bank taught me not to take doing this kind of thing lightly.

Opinions welcome.