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Money Magick pathworking

6 Jul

Given that I recently placed a sigil on the bank of England to aid money to come my way, I thought I’d begin to do some path working to help things along. It was to this end that I bough a Rabbit Riches Scratch card, when I went to buy some things for Breakfast in the local shop. Surprise Surprise, I won £2! This is promising start!

The Card that gave me £2

The Card that gave me £2


Money Magick

2 Jul

Today I was in London. I’ve been a bit short on cash recently so I decided to use magick to do something about it. I went and placed a sigil on the bank the bank of England. I did this in chalk. When it is washed off by the rain or some over enthusiastic cleaner, it will be activated. Quite simply, the purpose of the sigil is to compel money to come to me. Lets see how this works out.

Comments on Tarot reading for May

2 Jun

Thinking about what happened in May, I think my Tarot cards were spookily correct. In my Yearly forecast, I read May in the following way…

This is a very interesting card to find here in my spread. This card is associated with material success in the world and therefore also the good things in life. This card may suggest that I will receive a windfall or some other form of unearned income, it suggests that I will have reached a stage where I no longer need to work to earn a living. Some how I doubt this, but then again you never know. An alternative reading of this card would go like this: Pentacles are associated with the material things in life. Nines suggested the deepening of experience. Therefore we could say that this card suggests that in May I am going to come into a deeper understanding of the realities of what it takes to make the world tick in the material sense. So this is as much about marrying any of my idealism to the material realities of the world. It’s an interesting card to have here. I wonder what exactly it’s about?

The major thing that happened in terms of money and materiality in May was that a gallery approached me about the possibility of representing my artwork. Now this caused a whole series of thoughts in me regarding why I make art and also how my desires to create have to be married up to real life needs of having an income. I still haven’t resolved the issues this request sparked in me, but one thing is for sure, it has really made me think hard about what/how/why/where I do what I do.