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Making a video on Italian Occultist and Fascist Julius Evola with Stewart Home

23 May

I recently got offered a great commission. The deal was this:
I get paid to go to Dartington gallery
I can make any kind of art I want
I can work in any medium I want
I can pick someone to work with and they will get the same fees etc that I am getting
What ever I decide to do, its all got to be finished and completed in three days of arriving at the gallery.

What a great opportunity to be offered. After a little bit of thought I asked the writer and artist Stewart Home. I’ve known Stewart for a while, but we’ve never actually worked together on a project before. We both agreed pretty much from the word ‘go’ that we were going to make a video.

We kicked around several ideas but eventually settled on the idea of making a video about leading Italian Dadaist/part-time futurist/fascist/occultist Julius Evola. Stewart has suggested Evola and the idea really appealed to me given my recent magickal endeavours. Given that neither Stewart or I are Evolas biggest fan, we set out to make a mocumentary.

The filming took two days and the editing one and a half. It was a pretty good experience. Filming was fun. We got to gate crash a student party as well as take over a hairdressers shop for a morning. It was really great. We got to see old friend like Lindsay Hughes, Roddy Hunter, Judit Bodor and Joe Tervors as well as meet some new and interesting people. The film screened in Dartington gallery on Saturday 18th May 2008. We might screen it some other places as well.
It’s currently on you tube. Check it out: