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clairvoyance with Guess who

8 Mar

Last night was my partners birthday. One of her friends bought her the game of ‘Guess Who’. We played it in teams in the pub for a bit of fun. As we played one of my team mates suggested that as I’m a Magus I should try and use a bit of clairvoyance to see if I could guess the other teams character early in the game. We tired it twice and each time it worked!

what was even more surprising was that when my partners mother called around the morning after with birthday gifts it seems my psychic abilities had not worn off. One of the presents she was given was very obscure. As she opened it trying to guess what it was I laughing joked that it was a shrunken voodoo head. when she finally got it out of the little bag it was in actuality a little model of a severed head from some horror film! I laughed. I couldn’t beleive I’d got this so spot on!

Strange stuff indeed.