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Sigil working

12 Jan

After my last post I have spent some time thinking. I decided that I will go ahead with the work at hand. The best way to approach this work, for me, was to create a series of sigils. I then mapped these sigils onto the specific area of Belfast where I felt they needed to be cast. I did this because I wanted to clearly visualise them in my head, as they make up nodes in one larger sigil that I am casting over all parties concerned. I then went to each physical location and cast each sigil. I drew each sigil in each location in chalk, and when the rain washes them away they will be activated.

In saying all of this I want to make quite clear, because I haven’t stated it in a while, that my experiments with Magick are purely that: experiments. I don’t believe in magick. Rather, Like a lapsed catholic, I continue to practice regardless of belief!

Lets see how it develops…


ley lines and hidden messages

17 Dec

Last Night I was talking to a mate of mine who lives in Plymouth. He is also a Wizard. We were talking over many things and just generally catching up. He was telling me about his band. He hides secret codes in the structures of the music so that the audience at their gigs absorb his messages unconsciously. I really liked this idea. I might try it with speech patterns as a means of casting covert spells.

One thing that cropped up in our conversation was the fact that although I can find several maps detailing ley lines in Great Britain, I can find no such maps detailing them in Ireland. I think in the new year I am going to begin to trace out these lines of power in Belfast’s city centre. I’m also going to try to find a mother line: a massive ley line that smaller ones often come off, such as the St. Michael line in the south west of England. If anyone has any information that can help me in this search please reply!

Samhain Ritual

12 Dec

Like any Wizard I decided to celebrate Samhain with a bit of ritual magick. My girlfriend was going out for the evening with some of her friends so I decided, since I couldn’t be bothered with the endless fights to get to the bar, that I would stay in, rap some presents and generally get up to a bit of hocus-pocus.
So, after she’d left, the first thing I did was get dressed up in my Santa suit and invoke the spirit of old father time. Then I lit some candles and began wrapping Christmas presents for everyone. With every present I wrapped I also did a spell for the person getting the gift as a kind of invisible present contained in the wrapping. The idea being that when people opened the wrapping they would activate the spell. The spells were simple things for luck and success for the recipients of the gifts.
After I was finished doing this I then prepared to cast a few sigils for people who had requested or expressed a desire for something specific to me. To do this I got some tea light candles and used a cocktail stick to draw an individual sigil on each one. I then lit these and placed them in the fireplace along with all the other candles. One of the sigils was for a girl named lola who had emailed me on myspace asking me to make a spell for her so as to bring love into her life in the future. Finally, to finish everythign off, I performed a Tarot reading for myself for the coming year.
After I was finished my magickal shazzamings i thanked father time and then let leave me. I was in jolly spirits so I kept the Santa suit on, poured myself a glass of Baileys and had a bit of a dance round the house to some bad christmas songs until my good lady returned home.
Ho ho ho!

Anglo-Freemasons Conspiricy

24 Oct

Not so long ago I received a communication from a cosmos wizard while in Dublin. I later realised that the reason I had went to Dublin in the first place was to receive this communication.
I had spent the day wandering around Dublin, looking in old bookshops and generally getting lost on purpose. I was enjoying myself. But I realised that it wasn’t long before I had to catch my train home. I decided, for some unknown reason to take a walk past the GPO and it was there I saw him holding his sign. I went and said hello to him and he said hello back, I knew to look at him he was a cosmos wizard. I wondered if he could recognise my colours? I asked him If I could take a picture, he said it was fine. I wanted other people to see his sign. It read:

Ballot Box Fraud
Next Anti-Irish

Government has
Already been formed
By Anglo-Freemasons

Check out the attached picture if you don’t believe me

Dublin Chaos Wizard, outside the GPO

Dublin Chaos Wizard, outside the GPO

Casting a sigil over Belfast…

27 Aug

I’ve progressed my sigil experiment further by attempting to cast a giant sigil over Belfast. The Sigil in Question has a diameter of approximately 1.2 Kilometres and encapsulates the desire to meet interesting people in the area upon which it has been cast. To cast this Sigil I first took a map of Belfast, a piece of OHP transparency film and a red marker pen. I placed the OHP film on the map and began to consider which area of Belfast I would like the sigil to cover. I eventually settled on an area of south Belfast. I shifted the OHP film around the map and deliberated some more over precisely which bits of the area of south Belfast I was now looking at that I wanted the sigil to cover. After much deliberation I cast the sigil using the map, the OHP and a red pen to aid with my visualisation. What I found most interesting about placing this object upon Belfast is that it is essentially placing a large psychic circuit over the city, which will redistribute psychic energy in a way to bring about more interesting interrelations, not just for me but for everyone living in these areas.
The most Northern point of the sigil rests at the junction of Rugby road and University St. The Most Easterly point lies in the Ormeau Park. The most Southern point is located on the Anadale embankment between the Kings Bridge and the Governors Bridge. The most Western point lies at the Malone road end of the Wellington Park road. What is interesting about the position of the sigil is the area and things it encompasses: the lines of the sigil cross some significant landmarks in Belfast, some of which can be used to energise it without too much effort from me. This is no accident.
The lower left hand line of the sigil, which is the only part that extends outside the circle, begins at Edgehill College. This line then runs up through the Ulster museum to join one of two major lines of the sigil, which runs directly through the main hall entrance of Queens University. This part of the building used to be an old Masonic lodge. This is testified to by the original tiling that still remains on the floor. This line runs from here down through the theological college and out onto the lower Ormeau road. Another part of the Sigil encompasses the building that currently houses SARC, which is a world-class musical research facility owned and ran by Queens University. Other lines in the sigil pass directly through the holy lands, the area where all the students live. The amount of fervour (religious, academic, hedonistic and otherwise) contained in these areas generates enough psychic energy to really boost my working. I also believe that the presence of the river lagan in the middle of sigil will really help to flush any bad energy out of the sigil diffusing it and carrying it out to sea. While doing this, the river will also simultaneously exert a subtle calming and relaxing effect on the area the sigil covers, thus making those who live and work in these areas feel a little bit more relaxed and happy. Have a look at the photograph attached to this blog entry to see exactly where the sigil covers.
All in all I think the sigil is a very positive thing. I will be interested to see if/how it works. The one thing I’ve left to do is destroy the image of the original sigil. I’m going to do this by tying it to a helium balloon and releasing it. I’m going to do this in the Ormeau Park, on the edge of the sigil I cast. I might even wear my Wizards hat as it is a special occasion.

sigil I cast over Belfast

sigil I cast over Belfast

On Being Magick: Day one

8 Aug

Got up this morning at 7am, had and shower and came down stairs to begin my 1st day as a wizard. I have to say that I feel very magickal. In the night someone has left one of the old stand up vacuum cleaners lying outside my front door (see attachment). I am reading this as a sign of the universe agreeing with my decision to become a Wizard. You see, the vacuum cleaner is a modern version of a broom, which is what witches used to ride, and therefore its apparition on this the first day of my magickal career is an auspicious sign!
So how to proceed? One of the first things I want to do is create a magickal sigil for attracting interesting people. Once I have created it I’m going to draw it under a park bench and begin eating my lunch there everyday to see who I can attract. A sigil, for those who do not know, is a magical symbol. It can be composed from either letters or images, but its finished form is an abstract occult looking symbol. So I will spend the week working on this.
Some books on magick suggest that as one begins to develop magickal abilities on should also seek to develop skills in at least one form of divination. I have decided to go for the Tarot Cards. I have used the tarot cards over a number of years, but not in a concentrated way. I will begin by performing a forecast for my project. Over the course of this project I will also perform tarot readings for artists as well, just for the practice. I’m putting all the tarot readings in the tarot folder, so if you want to read them check them out there.
Let’s see how it all goes.

the vacuum cleaner that appeared outside my house as an omen on the first day of me being magickal

the vacuum cleaner that appeared outside my house as an omen on the first day of me being magickal