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Develop psychic powers exercise

28 Feb

A friend who is a practising psychic was visiting the other day from America. She shared with me an exercise for developing psychic powers. I thought I share it here in case anyone was interested. To do this psychic training exercise you will need a partner. Lets call the people involved A and B.

A thinks of a question in their head. They DO NOT share this question with B.
B relaxes and begins to describe images sensations etc that are emerging in their mind. It is really important that B does not dismiss any information that appears in their mind, even if they think it is absurd, silly or completely out of context. It is also important that B is entirely truthful and does not try to force themselves to have some kind of profound insight. the best results come with honesty.
A considers the information given by B in relation to their question.
A shares the question with B and they both discuss the information together.

Try it out and let me know what you think. I had a great time getting some suprising results with this one.If you’ve got any exercises of your own please share them!


Dowsing for leylines

29 Jan

I’ve begun working on finding Leylines in Northern Ireland. I’ve been doing some basic research and found that there are at least a few mother lines in the south. I’m wondering if their are any in the North? Only time and research will tell me.

Anyway, to get me in the mood I went for a dowsing session in town. I first used a map of the city centre and did some dowsing over it with a pendulum to see if I could work out the general areas that would be best to go looking in. I then went into town with my L rods and started doing some on the ground work. I went in quite early in the morning so that only street cleaners would give me funny looks. Here I was really just looking for any signs of any small lines of power at work in the city centre.

As expected I got some quite strange responses while dowsing near the two major Masonic Halls in the city Centre. I also got some strange swinging action near the city hall and the Linen Hall Library. Some of these might be expected. but what wasn’t expected was the way in which the Night and Day hotel and a few other travel lodge style places sent my rods jerking wild. Weird eh? If anyone has got any ideas why this might be, please share the knowledge.

Bedroom games

18 Dec

Last night in Bed my girlfriend and I played a Game. She Started it. It’s like I spy, but a bit more psychic. Basically you use your psychic powers to gaze into the next dimension, then you say: ‘I spy with my third eye something in the next dimension beginning with…’ Then you take it in turns to guess what the other one sees. It’s quite good fun, better than I Spy anyway.

Coffee Scrying

11 Oct

While in Prague my friend Vassya taught me an interesting divination technique involving coffee. In Eastern and central Europe most people drink Turkish coffee. You make Turkish coffee by getting a pan of cold water and spooning in some coffee, the find you would use in a filter machine or coffee plunger. You can also add sugar to the mix at this stage if you want. You then heat the coffee up to a good temperature, although don’t boil it (scalding coffee detracts from the flavour). When the coffee is ready you pour it into a cup and leave it for a minute to let the bits of coffee settle into a thick sludge at the bottom of your cup.
Reading the coffee is pretty straightforward. When you are nearly finished drinking the cup you’ll start to get a few coffee grains in your mouth. At this stage get something like a napkin, saucer or a plate and flip the cup up side down onto it. This has to be a very fast movement if it is to work right. Leave the cup upside down on it for 3-5 minutes so as to let the contents of the cup run. After this time has passed turn the cup the right way up and the coffee sludge will have created a pattern all along the inside of the cup.
When looking at the cup it may at first appear very abstract. The technique of reading it is something like scrying. Stare at the cup until images start to emerge. This may sound odd but I’ve seen some pretty lucid stuff in the bottom of a cup. For instance in my friends cup I saw a woman who was made of stars and from her head emanated a psychic field that encompassed the whole circumference of the cup. In My cup my friend pointed out a woman with a baby and also the image of a resurrection. Sounds mad but once she pointed it out it was as clear as day to me. I think there are also a couple of symbolic things that can be observed such as vertical trails of coffee represent physical journeys. I’m going to play with coffee reading a little bit more as it’s a simple and everyday way to scry. Also the mucky coffee is a really good trigger for lucidity.