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When is a curse not a curse?

9 Jan

A few days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine who informed me of somethings I found really shocking. I can’t go into deep detail on the web, but the situation boils down to some people being involved in some pretty malicious behaviour towards a member of my family.

I know where this maliciousness stems from and I know that its unwarrented. Not only this, but where it stems from is an event that happened over 4 years ago, and my family member was scapegoated for some things that weren’t there fault. Being a good sort, they decided to just let the whole thing blow over. Yet it seems that it didn’t and now it’s doing their career serious damage and they don’t even know it’s going on, least not yet.

I want to get these bastards back for what they’re doing, enough is enough. I wanna curse them. But then I was thinking, is it a curse if all I do is redirect their bad energy back towards them? In this way all I’m doing is redirecting the bad energy they’re putting out to my family member back towards them. Would this be a curse and would I reap the bad luck for doing it? OR, because no other means is open to me and I’m only acting out of a sense of fairness, would I avoid the bad luck? Is what I’m proposing doing actually a curse? Hexing the bank taught me not to take doing this kind of thing lightly.

Opinions welcome.


An odd but interesting thought…

28 Dec

I’ve recently been quite struck by the idea that the soul is not in the body, but rather the body is inside the soul. All discussions of whether human beings have an immortal soul aside, this sounds like a pretty crazy idea to suggest. I’d have to agree that at first glance it is, but it might also be quite a useful one.

If the body is in the soul, and not the other way round, then it is possible that other phenomena around us are configured in the same way. Thus we can begin to imagine a spiritual dimension to even the most profane of things. From the perspective of magician the nurturing of such a belief may be useful as it would allow one to envisage a spiritual dimension in all the things that we encounter in everyday life.

For example, If one takes the addiction of cigarette smokers and considers it from the perspective I am proposing then one might be allotted  a useful set of ‘belief goggles’ that might aid one in magickally dealing with the problem of nicotine addiction.  Thus one might say that smokers are not addicted to chemicals, but possessed by a nicotine demon that must continually replenish itself through making it’s host smoke cigarettes.  While this sounds amusing, it could also be quite a useful magickal tactic. The key to giving up smoking is mental. If a smoker continually fails to quit it is because the chemical addiction is too strong and they cannot break their mental association with the drug. In such a situation they need a mental device that will allow them to re-imagine the situation and therefore cope with it better. So if they then consider the addiction to be a form of demonic possession, the only cure for which is starvation of the spirit entity, then  the mental image of a nicotine demon attacking them might provide a useful tool for allowing them to resist their urge to smoke. Also, the image of such a demon not only embodies a problem, but also embodies the damage that smoking is doing to them.

I guess what I am talking about is essentially shamanic in nature. Although it also bears some relationship to Chaos magick as I am suggesting that the adoption of the belief is only to serve certain ends.

Winter Solstice 2008

23 Dec

I finally got home last night after being away celebrating the Winter Solstice with a fewelect friends in the Mountains high above Glen Cloy, on the east coast of Northern Ireland. We had went on the 20th to set up camp inorder to be ready to celebrate this sun festival on the 21st. As we were high up in the Glen’s there wasn’t another human being for miles, so we were free to do pretty much what we wanted.We spent the day of the 21st gathering stones and building a semi-permanent magick circle. We marked the cardinal points of the circle with medium sized stones, which we stood upright on their ends. Once the circle was complete we lit a fire and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Normally we would drink when we were up in the glens, but given the significance of the following day, we all wanted to have a clear head for the morning.The ritual the following day was interesting since all of us are on quite different magickal paths.

The solstice took place early at 12:04 (GMT). To cut a long story short, Our ritual began about an hour before with some light meditation, with all of us projecting our energies into the stone circle to empower and charge it. We called in the cardinal points and evoked the elements and their elemental forms. We then invoked the male god power (The Lord), the ruler of the dark part of the year. We burned pine incense and my witch friend delivered a Wiccan incantation. This is not something I’m normally into, but in this particular situation in the wilds of the Glen’s, it somehow seemed appropriate. It ended with the evocation of the female power, the Goddess  (The Lady) and a few other small ritual actions. After the celebratory parts of the ritual we then set about casting a number of spells for personal and communal growth. Afterwards there was much drinking, eating, laughter and music. I enjoyed my time high up in the glens.

ley lines and hidden messages

17 Dec

Last Night I was talking to a mate of mine who lives in Plymouth. He is also a Wizard. We were talking over many things and just generally catching up. He was telling me about his band. He hides secret codes in the structures of the music so that the audience at their gigs absorb his messages unconsciously. I really liked this idea. I might try it with speech patterns as a means of casting covert spells.

One thing that cropped up in our conversation was the fact that although I can find several maps detailing ley lines in Great Britain, I can find no such maps detailing them in Ireland. I think in the new year I am going to begin to trace out these lines of power in Belfast’s city centre. I’m also going to try to find a mother line: a massive ley line that smaller ones often come off, such as the St. Michael line in the south west of England. If anyone has any information that can help me in this search please reply!

Boot magick

13 Oct

Today I was in town shopping with my girlfriend. I wanted to get her some new boots as it was something she really wanted. While in one shop she spied a pair she really liked only to see them picked up by another woman. There were no other pairs. ‘don’t worry’ I said. I then cast a little spell and told my girlfriend the woman would put the boots back in a couple of minutes deciding she no longer wanted them. We looked around at other things and then came back to where the boots section. Low and behold there they were, the woman had put them back. My girlfriend tried them on and they fitted! So now she’s happy with her new boots and I had fun progressing my experiments with the practical application of magick.

Hexing banks (part three)

28 Sep

You know, ever since I hexed my bank I’ve been having nothing but bad luck with them. And I mean really bad luck with them. It all started with some fuck ups with my bank card and has ended in me having to wait for nearly two months to get it all sorted. Either my bank is run by masonic wizards and they know what I’m doing and are taking counter steps to fuck me up Or I am getting bad Karma as a result of the hexing.
I was talking to a friend who has been into magick for a much longer time than I have. At the time I was jokingly talking to her about hexing my bank she suggested that this was not the best approach. Rather, she suggested sending my bank lots of luck and feel good ecstatic buzz kind of energy so that they would feel an urge to be extra nice to me and help me out where possible. Thinking about her advice I think she might actually have been on to something. I think what she was suggesting was a much more clever way of getting what I wanted without any of the bad luck coming back at me. So today I lifted both the previous hexes I placed on my bank and sent them instead good vibes for a happy weekend.
Lets see how this one develops.

Summoning Trisha

25 Sep

Yesterday I attempted a double summoning at the John Hewitt Bar in Belfast. I was standing outside with my friend Stephen while he was having a cigarette. I hadn’t seen him in ages and we were having a pint. It was really nice to catch up with him. Then it started to rain so he asked me could I use my magickal abilities to summon his friends Tirsha and Sinead BC, whom he was waiting on. So I gave it a go.
Something misfired along the way and I accidentally summoned a Brain Patterson and a Bigit Salling Hansen but then Tisha showed up. One out of two wasn’t bad. I finished my pint and headed off home. In the words of that twat Gordon Ramsey:
“Job done”